Using Our Materials:

Source to cite:

If you are using any of our materials, the source must be indicated as: “Source: Otar & Associates” next to source material. This is required whether or not you need to pay a copyright permit fee (or also known as royalty fee). Read section "Copyright Permit Fee" below to see if a copyright permit fee is required.


You are responsible to secure approvals from the compliance department of your company or the company that is providing/sponsoring your publication. We do not provide any explicit or implicit compliance, regulatory or legal approval for the use of any of our materials in your publications/presentations. 

When is NO Copyright Permit Fee Required?

1.  Otar Retirement Calculator and ALDA Calculator: You can use any printout from the calculator in your marketing material if you are a registered user (i.e. you purchased the software). No copyright permit is required for this.

2. Reasonable use: If you need no more than a total of 5 (five) charts, quotes, tables, or any material (in total) in your presentations or publications, no copyright fee is required. You do not need to contact or notify us. It is not required but a copy of your publication will be much appreciated for our archives.  

When is Copyright Permit Fee Required?

1. Materials used from our publications: 

If you need more than 5 charts, quotes, tables, or any material in your own presentations or publications, a copyright permit fee is required. The fee is: For copying and using material from any of Otar’s publications: USD$200. The source must be shown on each page of slide, chart, table. We provide the materials requested in unlocked pdf format by email.  

2. For using any part or all of the PowerPoint presentation (about 290 slides), “Unveiling the Retirement Myth”: 

Option A: The fee is USD$300 first year, USD$100 all subsequent years, as long as the source material is continued to be actively used. 

Option B: The one-time fee is USD$500, no further payments. 

This gives you the right to use the material in your own presentations, but not the right to resell it to third parties. The source must be kept as it appears on each slide (usually on the bottom, 10 font size). This presentation is for Canadian CPAs, however, it has numerous slides that can be useful for everyone. Before paying, ask for handout notes by email to make sure that its content meets your needs. We provide the file in unlocked, editable ppt format by email.

3. For unlimited distribution of Otar’s whitepapers, books, and other publications during your presentations or as part of your mailings to clients: 

The fee is USD$200. If you want a sponsor statement -such as "This complimentary ... (publication, white paper, book, article, etc.) was provided by XYZ Investments"- on the front cover, please let me know the exact wording and send me your company logo. If you don't want anything written, then the standard copyright permission message will appear. We provide materials requested in locked, printable pdf format by email.

Payment of Copyright Permit Fee:  

Send an email describing your needs, requirements. Once agreed, use the link below to pay the copyright permit fee. The unit payment is in USD$100 increments, so, for example, if you are paying USD$400, then change the order quantity to “4”. After payment is received, requested materials are sent as an email attachment within a day or so.

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To Pay: When you click on “Add to cart” button, you will be taken to secure PayPal website.