Executive Summary:  

The Otar Retirement Calculator calculates an individual’s retirement asset values based on market history since 1900. What makes it different from other retirement calculators is that it does not require an assumed average portfolio growth rate, average inflation or any Monte Carlo simulation. Unlike other models, Otar Retirement Calculator does not predict future outcomes. It merely presents a range of outcomes based on historic market data applied to a specific case.  

Instead of presenting a "forecast" of a client's future financial picture based on your assumptions,  Otar Retirement Calculator presents an  "aftcast" of client's potential outcomes based on actual black swan events of the history.

Benefits for the investor:

Benefits for the advisor:

Background and History:

Its developer, Jim C. Otar, is a retired professional engineer in Thornhill, Canada. He has been applying his technical background to research retirement and investment planning issues since 1996. He developed Otar Retirement Calculator while he was writing his book “High Expectations & False Dreams – One Hundred Years of Stock Market History Applied to Retirement Planning” in year 2000. He received CFP-Board Article Awards in recognition of his meritorious financial planning articles both in 2001 and in 2002. All his articles and whitepapers are freely available on this website.  

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