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Advanced Retirement Income Planning

NEW March 2024 Update

(Comment: My pride and joy. It is concise and current. I have been retired since 2018 and I happily use the guidelines from this book for my own retirement planning.)
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Unveiling The Retirement Myth

October 2009

(Comment: Still a good book, but it was too long. So I wrote the "Advanced Retirement Income Planning".)

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Retirement Income Redesigned

April 2006

my contribution: Chapter 6:  

"Lifelong Retirement Income - 

How to Quantify and Eliminate Luck"

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High Expectations and False Dreams -

October 2001

(out of print, anything useful in this book was incorporated into the "Unveiling the Retirement Myth")



A Visual Tool for Analyzing Portfolios, Portfolio Managers and Equity Investments

February 1998

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Commission Free Investing 

Handbook of Canadian DRIPs and SPPs

January 1997 

(out of print, the information is no longer relevant anyways.) 



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(Note: I retired in 2018 from the financial business. Any designations or professional titles cited in any of my publications are only valid on the date of the publication and do not reflect my current status with respect to these designations and professional titles.)



Jim: Just wanted to thank you for your book "Unveiling the Retirement Myth."   I think it is, quite simply, the best book on retirement planning ever written.   I have recommended the book to several of my friends, all of whom have purchased it and all of whom share my high opinion of your work.   My friends and I are all recent retirees, and your book is indispensable to us.   Thanks again!    Rob Wilson, "Old IBM Guy"

Jim: Thank you for forwarding your book.  I downloaded it early this morning and just now, after several hours, completed the first read.  I'll sum it up in one word "SUPERB"!!! In my opinion, Jim, your book should be mandatory reading for every financial advisor - regardless of the area of their present or future professional focus. Well done, and thank you!!! ...and you may quote me on the above. Ami Maislish, President, Life Guide

Jim: Your book is awesome! Very well written and crisply organized. It's a great encapsulation of your ideas and concepts. I can't wait for the hardcopy version. Thank you for the huge effort! Brant O. Greene, CFP, CRPC, MBA, Ameriprise Financial

Jim: Thank you for early access to your work. You have successfully derailed my entire day's schedule as I've been power-reading through the pdf document. I confess, I did begin to get depressed and skipped to the zone chapters to see what hope you offer.  

First and foremost, thank you for the research, clear communication and prolific illustrations. Too many papers and reference books fail to break out the exact thought processes and calculations behind the text. Your illustrations are uniformly easy to read and support each contention. Thank you.

Second, your consideration of a wide range of strategies and mixed tools demonstrates that you are a planner yourself. You did not take the simple way out, merely critiquing stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Including analysis of various annuity structures and consideration of life and long term care insurance bring the document from the realm of the academic to the pragmatic. Very helpful. Kevin J. Reperowitz, CFP, SAGE Financial Group, LLC.

Jim has applied his exceptional analytical skills to create a ground-breaking contribution to pre- and post-retirement financial planning - a must read for all serious students of the subject. Gail Bebee, personal finance speaker and author of No Hype  - The Straight Goods on Investing Your Money.

Jim: I perused your book and it is wonderful. Adele Gipson, CFA, CFP, CPA, Consolidated Planning Corporation.

Jim: It is interesting to see what I consider "real" planning for retirement. There is so much hype about the right amount of money to have, so much about diversified investments, etc. that I am pleased to see a realistic and pragmatic approach. I especially liked the story about the financial advisor the client a muffin and coffee, determining that he had $1 million saved and needed $100,000 per year to live on.... and the advisor basically said "I can't help you" rather than trying to get a "retirement plan" for the fellow. That is the best story. Toni Chasmar.

Jim: I absolutely loved your newest book and would like to employ this rational and the Zone strategy with all my clients. Graham Cook, CFP, CIM, FMA, RDA, Composite Finance Inc.

Jim: I have been reading at your website for some years now and you are my hero for telling it how it really is, unlike the rest of the financial "industry". Sharon Rowan