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(work in progress. I will add my poems here as I find them)

Luddigira’s Message to His Mother:

A poem written by a Sumerian nobleman, Luddigira, to his mother. He wrote this poem to say hi and to lighten her heart while he was away  travelling.  It was written circa 1700 BCE, so approximately 3,700 years old.
Source: The Life Story of Ludingirra, Tablet 16, Translated to Turkish by Sumerolog Prof. Muazzez Ilmiye Çığ. Translated to English by Cemil Otar in 2021.


A great poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (28 August 1749 - 22 March 1832), the great German poet, playwright, novelist, scientist, statesman, theater director and critic. I translated to English.

Missing You:

I wrote this for my Mom (1918 - 2014), Mother's Day 2022. Published in the May 2022 issue of Story-Quilt, an on-line magazine.  Click here to read at the story-quilt website (link will be available on the first week of May).