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My Stage Play:

An Ordinary Bus Stop: (September 2020)

This was my first try for a one-act, rom-com stage play. It is about an hour long.  I wrote it for two reasons: 1. Define love (page 22), 2. Do something useful for myself during the pandemic isolation. 

It never won any awards. The feedback from Screencraft was -after their customary kind words- that it needed work, it needed more conflicts, etc. I wasn't expecting much to start with, all I wanted was to express my take on what makes love endure, like mine did. I was able to express that. Therefore, I think of myself a winner.

It is a story of a-strong-voiced-girl-meets-a-gentle-boy. Mia and Romeo wait for the bus to take them to work every morning. They start talking. No major conflicts, no significant excitement. Just falling in love in thirty-six questions, right in front of our eyes. I loved writing it, and yes, some of the material is my actual experience. Here is one: I still get goosebumps when I remember "the skirt tucked inadvertently in the pantyhose" story (page 46, 47); I can be such an idiot sometimes.

Enjoy it. If you have suggestions as to how I can make it better, I am open to all feedback.

Click here to download the pdf file.