Jim: Using your retirement program, I was able to create a retirement portfolio with an extremely high probability of success. I discovered that without annuitizing half of my retirement funds I had too high a chance of depleting my portfolio. Moreover, I learned using your FlexAA that a strategic allocation at all times produced a similar result. After using your program, I checked the result with three other retirement calculators--T Rowe Price, Vanguard, and McRetire from efficient solutions. All programs yielded a high probability of success. Your program is superior to all the rest. I am a grateful user who has benefited from your work. Thanks, EB, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

Jim: Thank you.  I think your program has been invaluable for my retirement planning!! 

Jim: Using your latest suggestions I constructed my 12 most appropriate scenarios in such a way that all gave excellent results in which our assets lasted till my age 100. Thanks again, and until 2007

Jim: My sister discovered your software and thought it might solve some issues we have with other programs currently available. I really like its flexibility as far as allowing me to start and stop different incomes and expenses at various ages.

Jim: I downloaded the ORC over the weekend at home on my laptop. I commend you on such a great job, it's a fantastic tool to show clients the reality we all face. I have a couple of questions/observations. THANKS.

Jim: I was at the forum in TPA and thought your presentation was terrific. I've ordered all your programs. Keep me updated.

Jim: The enhancements you have done in the latest 06 version are tremendous.  They were so helpful in determining recommendations for our clients.  We are so pleased that we attended your session last year and learned of your software.  Thanks so much!

Jim: I wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for your research.  I cannot read enough of your articles, because it is making so much sense.  Not only am I learning from the articles, but they are linking together many of the thoughts that I haven't connected before.

Jim: Thanks again for the great product.  I've wished for something like this for quite a while - a stand-alone product that's simple to use and easy to explain to clients.  I'd pay a lot more than $30 for it!

Jim: Just downloaded it.  Thanks so much.  Came into financial services through life insurance, and knew that the spread between stocks and bonds made no sense at all if it was that easy.  Studied markets and history, Know the P/E's through last century by heart, which corresponds to the secular trends.  I wont be happy till 6 P/E's  That's a long way off. I have been so unhappy with the tools available.  This is the first time I have seen a tool I could be happy with and that incorporated what I knew, did the math and makes it presentable.  I am just not smart enough to put this type of program together.  God bless you.  You must be a very kind man who care deeply about the truth and wants to help people. 

Jim: Thanks for the update. I was introduced to your software at Banff school last fall and am thrilled with your program thus far.

Jim: I have read your articles in the past and would agree that in the rush to glamorize growing investment capital, risks are generally not adequately assessed. I think you've done a great job building this analytical tool.